Begemot Jekyll by Email

I have been focusing on other projects, and no longer maintain Begemot. If you're interested in supporting or improving this app, email me.

How to Post

  1. Compose a new email to
  2. Put the title of your post in the subject.
  3. Write your post in the email body.
  4. Send it!
  5. Pat yourself on the back (if flexible enough).

Our mail gnomes will process your email and create a new post in the _posts directory of your repo. Github will pick up this post and put it on your blog. We'll also send you an email to confirm that we got your post.

Advanced users: You don't have to include the front matter, we'll generate it for you. But you can include it if you want tags or other custom fields. You can also include tags in the subject, like so: the post title #tag1,tag2,another-tag.


The source code for this project is on Github. Contributions are very appreciated.


I don't store your emails. I will not sell your personal information to anyone. Please don't use this service for anything private or illegal.


I plan to keep this free forever. If this gets so popular that I can't afford the upkeep anymore, I'll think of something.

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